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Minacciolo: mobili di design, arredamenti country chic, cucine vintage

The designers and woodworkers enjoy maximum freedom of expression

Minacciolo has always been a dedicated and committed partner with their designers and interior designers. The high quality components of all their products takes into account the specific creative and design needs for each of their collections.  Their freedom of expression is their unique concept. Their furniture solutions push design and compositional boundaries in their different styles, environments and lifestyles. The most diverse, linear and articulate, scenic designs are always possible with the necessary technical simplicity of what can be achieved.


Minacciolo: mobili di design, arredamenti country chic, cucine vintage


In support of the designers, there is also the Company’s tradition in creating tailor made solutions, within the realms of the proposed design or technical challenge. In addition, they have a team of specialised interns to provide this particular type of tailor made support. They are able to respond to any technical or design request as well as to any particular design need, even through the use of personalised graphic programmesMinacciolo’s fabrics, materials and accessories are carefully selected by the specialised art buyers who carefully evaluate the quality of the proposals that they receive from all over the world and are forward thinking in terms of the style.

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