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Minacciolo: mobili di design, arredamenti country chic, cucine vintage

Eco-friendly with careful attention to detail

Craft traditions and design culture - in other words the authentic “Made in Italy” label - are the key values on which Minacciolo bases its forty years of manufacturing activities in the field of wooden furniture and designs to furnish every room in your home. These values and the commitment to using quality materials alongside the most cutting edge technology have set the Company apart over the last few years and confirmed their position as international market leader amongst furniture manufacturers in both country and contemporary styles. The brand is leading the way and once again, market leader in country chic furnishings.


Based on Nature

All of Minacciolo’s products are made with natural materials. The wood, PEFC certified, comes from controlled tree plantations.  The solid wood used to make the furniture is coloured using non-toxic water based varnishes which doesn’t alter the touch and feel of the wood. The internal structures, in addition to the laminated wood, are E1 class MDF, in accordance with the health and safety standards in force. In fact neither chemical nor plastic materials feature anywhere in their designs. But Minacciolo’s eco-awareness is reflected also in their highly efficient energy system which allows the Company to produce their own energy. A photovoltaic installation positioned on the factory roof produces all the energy they need for the structure and the equipment to run as well as the air-conditioning and heating units.


Always the first choice

The materials used by the Company are all natural, for example wood, metal and various selections of stones and flooring materials made of a compound based on hydraulic lime and crushed bricks. Their first choice of wood is exclusively the solid wood type.  For this, the wooden furniture solutions are aesthetically pleasing as well as being reliable and durable. The timber comes from selected tree plantations in Northern Europe where the high altitude and the fertility constraints explain their grainy appearance which is both uniform and dense with the absence of knots.


All about “Made in Italy”

The strong crafts tradition and the well-established design culture which are part of the Made in Italy label, are also the philosophical basis for the country style furniture and design solutions that are fully created and manufactured by Minacciolo, under their direct and careful qualitative control. Every minimal detail is carried out with maximum attention to detail, and patiently refined based on “state of the art” processes. And finally, the precision in assembly means that each individual piece of furniture is robust and safe.  

The hardware components are completely hidden into every piece of furniture: leaving only the natural materials to take centre stage.


Minacciolo: mobili di design, arredamenti country chic, cucine vintage

We are personally there for you

“House Project” is Minacciolo’s direct global project that offers functional and stylistic benefits of a tailor made and complete package. In other words it can furnish all of the different rooms in your home in a harmonious and coordinated manner, from the kitchen to the dining room, from the bedroom to the bathroom. Thanks to the flexibility of their individual elements – all of which are cohesively designed even down to the finest details – there are endless options for furnishing and personalising your home based on your individual preferences and needs. The high degree of coordination that features in all the interiors creates an endless number of solutions that are always different. Also the integral, functional and cutting edge household appliances, work well together to create a natural, elegant and refined style.


Functional Life

With the on-going objective of satisfying the needs of each individual client, Minacciolo focus all of their research, both stylistic and technological, towards projects that guarantee maximum quality and functionality. The dimensions of each piece of furniture, for example, come from in-depth ergonomic studies, that have been carefully researched and checked numerous times against prototypes. Every possible problem is then pre-emptively identified and resolved, with a view to always providing the perfect experience for the Client.

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