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English Mood offers an unprecedented classic style that is elegant and refined. Its style makes every room feel elegant whether you live in the country or the city; or whether you have a house by the sea or in the mountains.


The collection includes furnishings for all rooms: the kitchen, the living room, the bedroom and the bathroom. Delicate colours and soft lines create a cosy atmosphere. The elegant finishes and the many options in the items available afford lots of compositional freedom. Craft tradition and design culture are the authentic expression of the “Made in Italy” label.

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The kitchen English Mood

The English Mood kitchen is a new interpretation of the English style and expresses the classic feel with  careful and elegant connotations which are...

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Next to the majestic fireplace, the two bookcases are equipped with sides that open with a push-pull mechanism. The Lancaster sofas and armchair, from classic and refined design, create, together with the Leeds table and the Ely ottoman, an elegant room.

The living room English Mood

The English Mood living area brings a unique atmosphere to country and town houses. The number of items available makes for a wide variety of solutions to choose...

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English Mood notte è sempre un sogno, anche ad occhi aperti

The bedroom English Mood

The English Mood bedrooms bring out the original style of the Old English houses. The charm of the simple and accurate decoration is...

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English Mood bagno. Wellness, il benessere anche a casa tua

The bathroom English Mood

In English Mood the bathroom area is the perfect balance between reminiscing about times gone by and pure contemporary comfort, to create a refined and inviting space. The careful and elegant...

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Il legno pregiato impiegato nella produzione della collezione English Mood può presentarsi – a seconda dei tuoi desideri – sia in versione liscia, che in versione spazzolata.


The classic style clearly expressed by the English Mood collection is highlighted with the use of genuine solid wood, offering the ability to feel the natural grain. It is an elegant furnishing that displays the authenticity of Minacciolo’s principles, which include continuous materials research and extreme care in the application of techniques.

English Mood propone una ricca varietà di tessuti

Balance of textiles and finishes

The rich variety of textiles that we offer are carefully selected and some are personalized. Whether solid colour or finely decorated, we have chosen our fabrics for you whilst bearing in mind the refined finishings of furniture from a unique and elegant collection.

An elegant console with drawers and shelves completes the living room.

We are personally there for our clients

Thanks to the flexibility of the individual elements - all of which are cohesively designed even down to the finest details - there are endless options for furnishing and personalising home based on client preferences and needs


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